Here we go  with a solution. Everyone wants a friend to call him or her the  excelsior and as you are the best friend of yourself, you should turn into one. Here there’s a map that takes you there, I mean edge of knowledge. Stem cell is a topic consists of nearly every science and technology about future cures. A bomb in market, bigger than oil and weapon trading in thirty next years.

You don’t have time. You are busy with university, friends or just living up life. Just like us. microCollege is an interactive prominent dispel for problems. Here the magic meta come into a micro thing.  It’s for saving time and getting students familiar with true ways of becoming wise. Four elements get to one to make this college. V presents, Stemview, Events and a library.

V presents

Five minutes presentations about a topic whether related to Stem Cells or not. They can be about anything. The only condition is that they should be interesting and beneficial for others. It doesn’t need any affairs. Videos will capture and can be seen by others for free. We have some recommended topics. This takes you in a cycle of studying and sharing with others. Also improves your teaching skills. You were better than others for knowing more and you will be better than others only if you know more. Videos are uploaded in library and you can contact us for having a presentation.

V can stands for virtual or five and present means gift or just an abbreviation for presentation. You see we are so smart and cute. What a splendor.


If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton

We are not in movies. Studying and becoming a scientist needs a social life. Everyone of us have some questions. We will go to right persons for answers. It can be faculty members, alumni or special students. The purpose is using experiences and guides. Previous interviews are in Library.

You can participate by informing us about interviewees or becoming an interviewer. SCS will give you necessary educations for that.

events and festivals

SCS prefers to keep plans secret but be aware that innovation is coming.

Sign up in STEMCLUB to get the news about upcoming events. It’s free.


How does a library work?

  1. You enrol.
  2. You access to books, journals, newspapers, CDs and other things in there.
  3. You can also donate books.

We omitted first step. There’s no need for enrollment. There’s every kind of media that a student needs, not just Stem Cells. It’s interactive. you can also send things. Come and see yourself.